Lietzau Taxidermy

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Sales of frontier era trade goods, furs, animal parts, and finished products wherein animal parts are used, is void where prohibited by State and Federal law.

Office:  320.877.7297

Store Location:

320 Saturn St N, Box 12 (west side of School building)
Cosmos, MN  56228

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LietzauTaxidermy3Products include:

Furs, Hides, Leathe,  Skulls, Bones, Beads, Teeth, Hair, Antlers, Horns, Feathers, Shells, Bows, Arrows, Kegs, Buckets, Pottery, Lanterns, Boxes, Quillwork, Art, Beadwork, Parfleche, Jewelry, Pipes, Arrowheads, Clothing, Buckles, Gloves, Caps, Robes, Coats, Shirts, Vests, Pants, Buttons, Blankets, Moccasins, Belts, Bags, Sashes, Garters, Purses, Beads, Needles, Yarn, Thread, Nails, Tack, Knives, Axes, Traps.

Contact us for product information at 320.877.7297.

If there is something you want or need and cannot find it, we will do what we can to fill your needs.