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City Hall

city center 2018Hours

Monday,Tuesday, and Thursday
9:00am - 4:00pm

City phone messages/emails will be monitored throughout the 40 hour work week.

320-877-7345 phone

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220 Milky Way St S
Box 614
Cosmos, MN 56228


maintenance shopHours

Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 4:30pm.

320-905-7185 cell phone

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100 N Saturn St
Cosmos, MN 56228


water treatment plant outsideThe Cosmos Water Treatment process starts with water being pumped from the ground by one of our two wells located just west of the water treatment plant on the corner of North Jupiter Street and West Taurus Avenue; the water from these wells then flow over an aerator and into a filter. Prior to going into the filter, chemicals such as chlorine and potassium permanganate are added to the water. While in the filter, the water seeps through the media, 12 inches of anthracite, 12 inches of silica sand, and 14 inches of support gravel, filtering out the unwanted particles in the water. After the filtration process, the water is introduced with fluoride and more chlorine and pumped to the water tower by one of the two high service pumps located inside the water treatment plant. Once in the water tower, located in the city park just off of Highway 7, the water flows by gravity through our water mains to all of the homes and businesses within Cosmos.

How To Read Your Water Meter

Water Conservation Tips and Facts

water treatment plant insideWater Treatment Plant Facts

  • Built in 2005
  • Can produce a maximum of 210 gpm
  • Detention tank holds 13,115 gallons
  • License needed to run plant:
    Minnesota Water Supply System Operator, Class C

Water Tower Facts

  • Built in 2008
  • Holds 100,000 gallons
  • 150ft tall


wastewater lift stationThe wastewater from homes and businesses use gravity to flow through the sanitary sewer pipes to the lift station located just South East of the Softball Field on East Vega Avenue. When the wastewater arrives at the lift station, two pumps pump it out about 1,000 feet east of town, where gravity takes over and the wastewater flows the rest of the way to our primary stabilization pond where it is to remain for a minimum of 180 days. During these 180 days solids will sink to the bottom of the pond and microorganisms will feed on the nutrients which is the primary treatment process. After 180 days in the primary pond, the wastewater can be transferred at a maximum rate of 6 inches per day into the secondary pond by opening a valve. Once in the secondary pond, the final treatment process occurs. Here we add a variety of chemicals so that we can meet the limits in a number of different tests. If the limits are met, the next step is to discharge from the secondary pond into the South Fork Crow River at a maximum rate of 6 inches per day. While discharging we are required to sample the effluent twice a week. Discharging of the pond occurs in the spring and/or in the fall.

waste water pondsLift Station Facts

  • One pump at a time - 400gpm
  • Two pumps pumping at same time - 575gpm

Pond Facts

  • Built in 1971
  • Built to hold 90,000gpd @ 180 day storage
  • Primary Pond - 8 acres - 9ft deep - 23,472,000 gallon capacity
  • Secondary Pond - 2.75 acres - 10ft deep - 8,965,000 gallon capacity
  • License needed to run facility:
    Minnesota Wastewater System Operator, Class D