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 The Galactic Gazette

“All the news you really need. Probably More.”


A non-profit publication, mailed monthly

as a courtesy to PO boxholders in the Cosmos area.

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“The Galactic Gazette”

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Editor:                                                                                             Mark Minnick

ACGC Falcon Flyover Contributor:                                                 LeAnn Melberg

“Chef It Up” Contributor                                                                  Grace Kamrath

“Tidbits” Column                                                                              Rick Nordin

“Behind the Scenes” Dirty Work:                                                     Delores Arndt


The Gazette is the Cosmos community’s newsletter. We highly encourage our readers to ‘dig in’ and help with information, reporting and writing articles.

  • We professionally design ads, thank you’s, open houses, announcements & bridal showers-you name it.
  • Drop us an E-mail, a letter or talk to any of us with your ideas or questions.
  • Letters to the editor are welcome.

  • We reserve the right to accept or refuse to publish any and all submissions.

All submissions must include the writer’s name, phone number and/or E-mail address.