Parks & Recreation

 A BIG THANK YOU to this group of volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to help with improvements to our softball field. They removed the old fencing and filled post holes in order for the new fencing to be installed for next seasons league and tournament play. A special thank you to Metro Erosion (Matt Martin) for bringing the heavy equipment to complete the project. 


Cosmos City Park


The Cosmos City Park is located at the intersection of Highways 7 and 4.  It is the center of many city events and activities including the annual Cosmos Space Festival held in July.

The park includes a shelter, entertainment stage, picnicking, electricity, water, and playground equipment nestled within many large trees.  Rest room facilities are available during the warm months of the year.

Thompson Lake Park

Thompson Lake ParkMeeker County Thompson Lake Park is located one mile west of Cosmos on Lake Thompson. This park provides water, bathrooms, electricity, picnic shelters, fishing dock, playground equipment, and sand volleyball court.  The park is 22 acres.

The park includes public access to Thompson Lake.  The lake is 220 acres.  The park and access are located on the south shore of Thompson Lake off State Hwy 7.  Fish species found in Thompson Lake include walleye, perch, sunfish, black bullhead, and northern pike.

In the fall of 2014, a nine hold Disc Golf Course was added to the Meeker County park.  This is a great addition to the Cosmos Community.  There is no fee or costs to use the course.

Click here for more Disc Golf information on the Cosmos Lions Club pages.

Luce Line Trail

lucelinetrail1The Luce Line Trail is a state-established trail maintained by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. It stretches 63 miles from Plymouth (western metro suburb of of the Twin Cities) to the small town of Cosmos.

The trail runs on a former railroad line and is available for Biking, Hiking, Running, Jogging, Walking, Dog Walking, Snowmobiling (west of Stubbs Bay Road), Cross Country Skiing (east of Stubbs Bay Road), and Snowshoeing (east of Stubbs Bay Road).

One mile west of Cosmos is the westernmost trailhead of the Luce Line State Trail at Meeker County's Thompson Lake Park. Picnicking, camping, fishing, parking, rest rooms, and play fields are available at this pleasant oak-covered site on the east shore of Thompson Lake. This site, on the east shore of the lake, probably protected the oaks from the prairie fires that once swept the landscape.

Click here for more information on the Luce Line Trail.

Softball Fields

softballfield1The ball field is a focal point of our town.  There are a number of youth and adult teams that utilize the fields for league games and recreational programs.  Years past, the games between the Town Men and the Country Boys was always popular during the League play.

The fields are busy with players and fans during the Cosmos Space Festival.  Campers stay in the open area behind the outfield fences and Saturday night is highlighted with fire works.

The Lions Club also puts on a Labor Day weekend tournament every year which brings in a lot of activity centered around the ball field.

Pewee Softball

Starts 2nd week in June, ends 1st week in August.  5-9 year olds play Monday evenings starting at 6:30pm, 10-14 year olds play Tuesday evenings starting at 6:30pm.

For more information please contact:
Brenda Mortensen - (320) 583-0292 (5-9 year olds)
Kathy Kurth - (320) 582-1032 (10-14 year olds)

Summer and Fall Adult Coed Softball Leagues

For information please contact:
Emily Van Hatten - (320)583-1570

Volleyball Courts

volleyballcourt2The volleyball courts, located just north of the Softball Fields on East Libra Avenue, are a fairly new addition to Cosmos.

The three courts are used in July during the Cosmos Space Festival where men and women congregate to play in the annual Co-Ed volleyball tournament.